VitaFoods 360

We produce nutritious products and provide nutrition and health related services in addressing malnutrition. 

Who Are We

VitaFoods 360 Company Ltd is a food processing and producing company specialized in producing, packaging and distributing high quality nutritious bread, pastries, biscuits, juice etc. with a major focus on promoting the health benefits of micronutrient densed vegetables and tubers (e.g. vitamin A in pumpkin, orange fleshed sweet potatoes); contributing to addressing underlying causes of malnutrition in Africa. We also provide Nutrition and Health-related consultancy services.


Our Mission is to contribute to sustainable development goals (SDG) 2 & 3 by building a ready-to-eat nutritious and healthy food production company with affordable products and providing nutrition and health-related services


Our long-term vision is to become a leading entrepreneur/business providing solutions to addressing malnutrition in Africa.

Our Services






Nutrition Surveys

Nutrition Profiling

Nutrient Profiling 

Nutrition Counselling

Nutrition Counselling

Weight Management

Weight Management

Our Products

Our Professional Team

Dr s

Dr. Sibida George

Founder and CEO
Operations Manager

Mrs. Malphina Rogers

Operations Manager

Mr. Gbenga Olaiya

Research Specialist

Ms. Christiana Sagba

Communication/Marketing Specialist

Mr. Oni Oluwatobi

Technical Support/Consultant
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